About us

Teaser about us

LoveGreenHotels is a European booking platform for hotels with love for the planet.

Through LoveGreenHotels 

  • Guests can find those hotels that are striving for more sustainability and conservation. Find the right hotel through a map or through keywords.
  • Hotels can show all the small or large environmental activities which they have built into their firm.  Show who you are and what you do through your personal LoveGreenHotels profile. Upload your profile and let guests find you.
  • Guests and hotels can mutually encourage each other to more sustainability.  Let’s facilitate and accelerate the travel industry's transformation.

On LoveGreenHotels

  • Hotels can inspire each other.  
    If desired, LoveGreenHotels can become a market place where knowledge and ideas are shared.
  • Guests can inform each other about their stays at a LoveGreen-Hotel.
  • If desired, LoveGreenHotels can become a place of feedback and travel tips

We at LoveGreenHotels

  • accept all hotels that pursue a genuine commitment.
  • assume that every hotel is committed according to its possibilities, its special situation and its diversity of ideas.

LoveGreenHotels is 

  • an owner-managed company based in Berlin and Hamburg.
  • organized in a social market economy. Our profits arise from the annual contributions of the hotels.

We refrain

  • from earnings on bookings through our site.  
    Bookings made via LoveGreenHotels do not contribute to the increase in profits of LoveGreenHotels.
  • from revenues through advertising on our side.
  • from earnings through staggered hotel contributions (every hotel pays the same annual base rate at LoveGreenHotels. Hotels with more than 5 employees also pay an additional annual fee, which is fully invested in environmental and climate projects. In this manner LoveGreenHotels is able to preserve the equivalence of all hotels listed.)

With these principles we wish to enable a maximum of good and joyful cooperation.   
Let's make the love.